The impressive architecture in different body colors.

Create your own AI:ME moments.

Take selfies of yourself and the new Audi AI:ME. It's fun!

Requires iOS 12 on iPhone 6s or higher. Use an iPhone X to get the full experience.

Two driving modes to choose from. AI or ME.

AI:ME is capable to process autonomously. In some cases, the user might prefer to steer the ride. The concept has the solution for both. A switch from one mode to the other tranforms the space. Driving can be fun. Focussing on other things too.

Communicate with light. The foundation for trust.

Once AI:ME is autonomous, it is not about sight, it is more about interacting with the environment. Triangular pixel segments are outlining the shape of the body instead of dazzling pedestrians.

Specs and measurements

Welcome. Your space for urban moments from A to B.

Easy access is everything. The spatial concept is even more. Designed to dim down exhausting factors from outside, giving room for new experiences.